Chief Executive Officer – Tara Schroder

Chief Financial Officer – Andrea Koberstein

Chief Information Officer – Jennifer Shiner

Abby Anderson – Client Relationship Manager

Bob Okamoto – Grant and Fulfillment Specialist

Brittany Cernic – Marketing and Sales Assistant

Chelsea Parker – Exchange Press Production Editor

David Godfrey – WordPress Developer and Database Coordinator

Erin Glenn – Editor and Development Manager

Haley Martinez – Development Director

Heather Fox – Education Specialist, Outreach Director

Jason Kelly – Natural Products Fulfillment Director

Jill Primak – Design Director

Kaitlyn Nelsen – Graphic Designer

Kayley Cooper – Exchange Press Marketing Manager

Kirsten Haugen – Education Specialist, Communication and Collaboration Director

Lana Gilson – Outreach Coordinator/Client Relationship Manager

Madolynn Shipman – Events Manager

Michelle Zimmer – Education Programs Director

Natasha Drake – Service Specialist

Penny BillheimerExchange Magazine Advertising Account Manager

Rick Reeble – Finance Manager

Sara Nelson – Client Experience Director

Scott Bilstad – Creative Director

Stacy Hawthorne – Senior Graphic Designer

Tina Reeble – Education Specialist

Teaching Staff

Gavin Ludovici – Outdoor Classroom Design Assistant
Jeff Lindstrom – Outdoor Classroom Designer
Sara GilliamExchange Magazine Editor-in-Chief