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About Dimensions Educational

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Dimensions Educational Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire joy and wonder in children, educators, and communities with a heart-centered approach to early education. The major initiatives of the Foundation include: The Nature Explore Program; Exchange Press; Dimensions Research Initiative; and Dimensions Education Programs.

The Nature Explore Program helps reconnect children with the natural world by working with hundreds of schools and early childhood programs throughout the nation to create nature-rich outdoor classrooms and provide professional development for educators on nature education.

Exchange Press provides a membership and quarterly professional publication, Exchange magazine, for early childhood leaders, publishes books, and creates other professional development resources for the early childhood field.

The Dimensions Research Initiative partners with leading research universities throughout the nation and is supported by a multi-disciplinary Advisory Board of prominent researchers.

Dimensions also runs two early childhood schools, Dimensions Education Programs, that serve over 200 children, birth through age five. The Education Programs Research Classrooms have been in existence since 1967, and the national cadre of Dimensions researchers and consultants began their work in 1998.