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About Dimensions
Educational Research Foundation

Dimensions Educational Research Foundation conducts research and collaborates with others to investigate how children’s connections with the world around them can affect wellness and development. Dimensions provides research-based workshops, design consultations and hands-on resources to programs interested in helping children connect more deeply with the natural world.

Dimensions runs the Nature Explore Program and Dimensions Education Programs. Nature Explore is a national nonprofit program of Dimensions Educational Research Foundation, which works collaboratively with a network of organizations throughout the nation. Nature Explore provides research-based workshops, design consultations and resources created to support programs as they continue to connect children and families to the wonders of nature. Dimensions Education Programs has two sites in Lincoln, Nebraska, which serve as primary research classrooms for on-going efforts.

Dimensions works with a cadre of workshop consultants, designers and researchers throughout the United States. Through Dimensions’ research and programs, children and families develop a profound engagement with the natural world, where nature is an integral part of children’s daily learning. The Education Programs Research Classrooms have been in existence since 1967, and the national cadre of Dimensions researchers and consultants began their work in 1998.

As of July 1, 2016 the work of Exchange Press has been integrated with the work of Dimensions Foundation. Founded by Bonnie and Roger Neugebauer in 1978, Exchange has admirably carried on its mission of “supporting early childhood professionals worldwide in their efforts to craft thriving environments for children and adults.” Dimensions Foundation is honored to join in the work of providing an inspiring and practical magazine, and useful, state-of-the-art books and online resources for early childhood leaders.